Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend reads: March 24th

Untitled by loretoidas

the power of one day ---> Steady Mom
what I love about this: "Though night seems long and growth doesn't seem evident, night becomes sunrise in an instant."

Nothing is Ever as Easy as It Seems, Especially Not That ---> The Gypsy Mama
what I love about this: "Let’s not compare. Especially not our beginnings to someone else’s middle. No, let’s not compare. Let’s cheer instead."

Everyone's Frozen ---> The Handwritten
what I love about this: "All the while, we could unfreeze."

what I love about this: "But I’ve learned to see a beautiful aspect to my void and pain, important not to overlook: It serves a purpose."

I Would Take Her Thorn ---> The Better Mom
what I love about this: "But I know – That He knows her. He made her. He loves her. Best."

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