Sunday, March 25, 2012

crawling time

I keep trying to get my babe Siena to crawl. She despises it.

I'm really wanting to be patient with the girl, but really?! You're nine months and not even an attempt!!

I tend to be a pretty competitive person (I like to bet people constantly - and of course I win!), so it is slightly difficult for me to hear of and see other babes who are younger or the same age who are so far ahead of Siena in terms of movement.

However, I know that she is her own individual. She is a huge blessing for me in that she doesn't move! She has her own timing, she has her own way of doing things, she is special in so many ways.

She is teaching me patience. She is showing me to be at peace in your place in life. She is teaching me to just "be."

Thank you my love. Take your time.


  1. Maybe she's a little stubborn...could that run in the family at all? ;-)

  2. Yeah! Michael is so stubborn. Of course not me, I'm perfect :)


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