Monday, March 26, 2012

best friends forever

We have been having such a great time together, we three. Lia will often come up to Siena and me and hug us, yelling "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, YEAH!"

It is the sweetest thing ever. I truly live for the moments when these two interact with each other, whether it be Siena's face lighting up with Lia comes into the room, or Lia yelling "BABY SIENA!" when she spots her. Whenever I need to do my makeup or hair, I just set them on my bed and the two of them just hang out and play, well, more like Lia plays pillow fights with herself and Siena just stares at her and laughs.

It makes me wish I had a sister so badlly! It is so awesome to see their friendship making roots to really bloom and grow as they get older. Such a blessing to see where true, everlasting friendship begins.


  1. Love this! Sisters are the BEST :)

  2. oh my goodness.
    this just melted all my stresses away.
    love them.
    love you.
    praise god. :)


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