Friday, March 30, 2012

my baker's dozen NEEDS for a newborn

I know that many a people have composed many a lists on newborn necessities, but I thought it might be fun to compile my own, especially because I feel like there are pregnant women EVERYWHERE! I'm not even jealous of you!....yet. Till I meet your squishy babies then I'll want another one for myself! (Don't tell my husband.)

Anyway, here is the list. My things I cannot/could not live without when Lia and Siena were newborns. These are not in order of importance, they are ALL important to me.

  1. Sound Machine: I am a huge believer in sound machines (white noise, etc.). They are a great tool in washing out the noise of the outside world so baby can sleep soundly without waking to loud cars, loud neighbors, loud cats, loud big sisters, loud dish washing, loud - you get the idea.
  2. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: I literally would not have survived without this book. I know that I owe so much to this book for how I learned to read/understand/comfort our girls. The Baby Whisperer's main philosophy is Eat, Play, Sleep. Meaning: baby eats, baby plays, baby goes back to sleep then the cycle starts all over again (basically you aren't nursing the baby for every nap, so baby learns to go to sleep without relying on the boob - please see #13). Also, this allows baby to digest milk/formula/food before they go back to sleep.
  3. Cloth Diapers: Obviously, if you know me at all, you know I love cloth diapers. I talk about why I love them here and explain the basic systems. Basically, I would prefer to lower the toxins that are going into my babes' bodies, and disposable diapers are full of those. An added bonus to using cloth diapers (but #1 for my husband) is that it SAVES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! I've linked to the Bummis kit which has 36 unbleached prefolds, 6 diaper covers, 2 rolls of flushable liners, and an instruction book.
  4. Cloth Wipes: I didn't use cloth wipes at very beginning, and I wish I had. These have come in handy for runny noses/little spit ups/etc. without wasting money on disposable wipes. They also clean up poo so much better than disposable wipes... I only use one cloth wipe when I probably would have used seven disposables.
  5. Wrap Style Baby Carrier: I've linked to the Wrapsody carrier since it was the one I used and loved. It is not as stretchy as the Moby wrap, which is nice because it doesn't make the baby all saggy the longer you wear him/her (which makes you have to tighten it since it is not as supportive). This is definitely my preferred babywearing method during the newborn/infant stage because it is the most cuddly thing EVER. Also, buckle carriers (such as the Ergo and Boba) are just not as supportive/comfortable for the newborn stage. They also require different ways to wear the carrier to adapt it for a newborn, whereas a wrap is perfect for newborns all the way up to 35 lbs.
  6. Onesies: I obviously have two girls, and people just LOVE to buy girls the cutest clothes! However, I literally need to make a conscious effort to put my girls in cute outfits and snap photos and all that jazz. I really just go for comfort when it comes to the newborn age... They are so little and squishy anyway, they look adorable in everything! Onesies are about all I had Siena in this time around, especially since I tried to wear her as often as possibly in my Wrapsody. Another necessity in my eyes are socks... all baby's heat leaves her feet! So I wrap socks on the babe and she gets to keep her heat where it's needed :)
  7. Colic Medicine: I put the good ole' Gripe Water on here. This was my go-to when I just could NOT figure out for the life of me why Lia and Siena were crying. You're fed, you've slept, you're not overstimulated... must be gas! So I drop some Gripe Water into their mouths and voila! Mama feels better :) It's something I've highly recommended to many a moms who simply cannot figure out why their babe is fussing.
  8. Baby Shampoo/Wash and Lotion: I don't go on the cheap in the next few categories. These are areas that are really important to me because they are things that are going onto the baby or the baby is constantly touching, and I know that the less toxic the substance, the better. Earth Mama Angel Baby is an incredible shampoo/body wash and lotion, and I cannot speak highly enough of it. It has a fantastic rating on the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database. Check out that site - it is my go-to for knowing the toxic impact on the products I put on my skin.
  9. Car seat: Since I was either wearing Siena in my wrap or put one of the girls in my stroller, I never saw the need for an "infant" car seat. I would go with the convertible version, where it will work from infancy to toddler-hood. Best bang for your buck, and you don't have to lug around a huge car seat wherever you go.
  10. A Crib: I used to live in a dreamworld in my head where it would be awesome to sleep with your baby and Mike and I would be as comfortable as can be, and the babe would be nestled into my arms every night and I would get to smell her sweet scent for forever... Didn't happen. I loved sleeping with Lia and then eventually Siena for the first week and a half - two weeks. With Lia we put her in bassinet by our bed, but even that was hard for us - I would wake with every peep, and I would pinch Mike every single time he snored. It was just hard for us. Both of the girls went to their cribs pretty early on, which gave all of us a great night's sleep. (I rarely regret this decision, not co-sleeping for longer, but the thought of my snuggly baby close to me all night sounds so beautiful sometimes. But then I sprawl out in my bed with Michael and I remember how nice it is to be just us two.)
  11. Organic Crib Mattress (with organic cotton sheets): Wouldn't budge on this if you paid me. This is where my baby is spending 18 of her 24 hours in a day, so it better not be a toxic environment for her to be on. Read more on the disadvantages to standard mattresses here.
  12. Swaddle Blankets: Babies love to be swaddled... if you haven't heard of Happiest Baby on the Block, it's a great book that I've taken tidbits of info from. One of their "s"es is "swaddling." Basically, the babe was all up and cozy in your womb for the past 40 weeks, he/she wants to be cozy-ed once he or she is out - cozy them up, darn it! It is super important for the babe to be swaddled when she's sleeping because her movements are so jerky that it could wake her from her sleep. Swaddle away with these INSANELY soft swaddle blankets... they're uh-mazing.
  13. A Boob: You cannot find this on Amazon, but if you search your body, you may be able to locate this. Obviously, if you are unable to nurse, bottles, etc would be in this spot :)
Hopefully this list is useful to you in some way. If not, I apologize. Come back again!

What would you add?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a masterpiece

I always wanted to be good at something. No, correction, I always wanted to be great at something. I struggled with being "good" at lots of things, and not so "great" at much.

I played lots of sports growing up, and knew how to be a good athlete, just not a "great" volleyball player or "great" softball player or "great" basketball player. But a good athlete, I had that in the bag.

I loved playing sports, I loved being in dance, I loved being active, and I definitely want to pass those attributes onto the girls. 

I also want them to have a creative side, and a side where they can express themselves in a different way than with physical activity. I would love for them to be artistic - whether it be writing, photography, art, theater, singing, music, etc. Never mind being great, I ALWAYS wanted to be at least good at these things, and I never was. I want them to explore these things in ways that I never did, to fully devote themselves to something they feel passionate about and give all of themselves for the glory of God.

What a joy that will be, to see what it is that they fall in love with - whether it be opera or lacrosse or sculpting - I can't wait to cheer for them on the sidelines and help them fulfill their dreams.

“Not all are called to be artists in the specific sense of the term. Yet, as Genesis has it, all men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life: in a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece.” ~JPII

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wordless wednesday

Sorry, sometimes I can't get enough.

Monday, March 26, 2012

best friends forever

We have been having such a great time together, we three. Lia will often come up to Siena and me and hug us, yelling "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, YEAH!"

It is the sweetest thing ever. I truly live for the moments when these two interact with each other, whether it be Siena's face lighting up with Lia comes into the room, or Lia yelling "BABY SIENA!" when she spots her. Whenever I need to do my makeup or hair, I just set them on my bed and the two of them just hang out and play, well, more like Lia plays pillow fights with herself and Siena just stares at her and laughs.

It makes me wish I had a sister so badlly! It is so awesome to see their friendship making roots to really bloom and grow as they get older. Such a blessing to see where true, everlasting friendship begins.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

crawling time

I keep trying to get my babe Siena to crawl. She despises it.

I'm really wanting to be patient with the girl, but really?! You're nine months and not even an attempt!!

I tend to be a pretty competitive person (I like to bet people constantly - and of course I win!), so it is slightly difficult for me to hear of and see other babes who are younger or the same age who are so far ahead of Siena in terms of movement.

However, I know that she is her own individual. She is a huge blessing for me in that she doesn't move! She has her own timing, she has her own way of doing things, she is special in so many ways.

She is teaching me patience. She is showing me to be at peace in your place in life. She is teaching me to just "be."

Thank you my love. Take your time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend reads: March 24th

Untitled by loretoidas

the power of one day ---> Steady Mom
what I love about this: "Though night seems long and growth doesn't seem evident, night becomes sunrise in an instant."

Nothing is Ever as Easy as It Seems, Especially Not That ---> The Gypsy Mama
what I love about this: "Let’s not compare. Especially not our beginnings to someone else’s middle. No, let’s not compare. Let’s cheer instead."

Everyone's Frozen ---> The Handwritten
what I love about this: "All the while, we could unfreeze."

what I love about this: "But I’ve learned to see a beautiful aspect to my void and pain, important not to overlook: It serves a purpose."

I Would Take Her Thorn ---> The Better Mom
what I love about this: "But I know – That He knows her. He made her. He loves her. Best."

Friday, March 23, 2012

nine months

You, my love, are so beautiful.
You still only say "da-da," much to the delight of your pop's ears.
You love when Lia walks (or shall I say STOMPS) into your room to wake you up in the morning. Your smile is the brightest.
You laugh when she laughs, and cry when she cries.
You give me high fives and move your little hand when you try to wave.
You love to stare at your dad when he comes home from work, and never stop staring.
You have HUGE crocodile tears which totally come out when I try to force you to crawl.
You aren't very patient... which is just like your mama.
You have the best posture I've ever seen.
You get so excited when I walk into the room, and if I don't scoop you up, you get very angry.
You melt in my arms.

You light up my life.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wordless wednesday

Truly, no words.

Monday, March 19, 2012

friends! thoughts?

So a few friends and I have a dream!
I feel like I'm on fire again, and I'm so stinking excited I could jump up in the clouds and hop around for a bit.

But, I want your thoughts.

Imagine you're a mom/mom-to-be (if you're not a mom and you're reading this blog, I apologize if I ever bore you, but thanks for being here!).

You are interested in babywearing/cloth diapers/homemade baby foods.

You are hoping for a newborn or have a newborn (aka you don't want to leave your house with your babe).

Here's where we come in!

We would have a business that would do 1-on-1 consultations for you in your own home.

If you're interested in babywearing, we bring over every type of carrier that is available. We try the carriers that are specifically made for your body type, for your babes' ages, etc. We mold the entire consultation to meet your needs.

With the money that you paid for this 1-on-1 consultation, we put that towards your special order that you order from us, getting the exact specific carrier that you want, while having the confidence and knowledge to babywear like an expert.

You get to be in your space, receive great product knowledge about something extremely important for you and your babe's well-being, get 1-on-1 attention, and get the exact carrier that works for your family and you.

Apply all of that to cloth diapers, homemade baby food, etc.

I want to know what you think!


these days

Some days you have a toddler at your feet, you have a cranky 9 month old, food cooking on the stove, a husband who goes to work hard every day, vacuuming to be done.... and pounds and pounds of laundry waiting for you.

Yes, it was one of those days. So, you do what you gotta do. Up my cranky girl Siena went on the laundry table, to help me fold and stuff and organize.

These days are the days where I try as hard as I can to not huff-and-puff. To take my time, to look my girls in their eyes, to let them know I am present to them. I physically have to remind myself that they are angels given to me, and that their cries for me or for dad are not going to be around forever. At some point, they will grow up, they won't want kisses, they won't want to lay in our arms for hours on end, they will leave us.

Those days will kill me so much more than the days where I feel like I don't have enough time, enough arms, enough patience to get through. Those days will be quiet in a way that I haven't heard quiet in years. Those days I will long for these days, these glorious days that teach me more about myself than ever before.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

weekend reads

haru no maboroshi #1 by _mayxxx_

Waiting on God ---> Keeper of the Home
what I love from this: "If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time."

what I love from this: "I reflect more fondly on our bottle feeding moments than breastfeeding, because they were far more intimate and sweet."

i believe in miracles ---> A Deeper Story
what I love from this: "God has seen me from across the room and cannot take His eyes off of me."

The Beauty of the Ordinary Day ---> The Creative Mama
what I love from this: "My ordinary life is my adventure. Forcing myself to enjoy life’s small daily gifts has filled me with a renewed sense of gratitude."

oh, friends. oh, elections. oh, facebook ---> A Deeper Story
what I love from this: "Flipping tables is exhausting after awhile. Maybe instead I’ll stick to just giving them a little bump as I walk by."

Friday, March 16, 2012

filling you in

Just to catch you up, in case you didn't follow me on my quick stint to tumblr, I blogged about toxins in plastics (especially toys), my struggle with finding a job and where I feel like the Lord wants me, and Siena's monthly photos... along with many other photos/quotes/videos/etc.

Feel free to join me on our continued adventure we call life :)

pinterest contest

I did my first Pinterest contest for DiaperShops, and it was called "Cloth Diapers - No Pins Required"

It was such a cute idea, and I loved doing it! Here's to hoping I win something fun!

I'm baaaaaaack!

My tumblr was fun and all, and I absolutely love their layouts and ease of using their entries and all that jazz, but I've just found that this is an easier forum with which to communicate with y'all... and of course, for Nellie, I had to come back so she could hear the music ;)


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