Friday, February 3, 2012

movin' on up!

I've decided to move again. My greatest apologies for any/all confusion that may result!

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we're alive

Our girls love to read. Well, Lia loves to read, and Siena apparently loves to eat cardboard. We're working on it.

I have always had a huge passion for reading. I remember so many times crawling into my dad's lap and reading books with him. He would eventually let me read aloud and we would alternate pages or paragraphs or sentences. I always remember trying to breathe at the same rate as him, trying to mimic his patterns, trying to be just like him in that cocoon of learning.

I want so badly for our girls to have the same experiences. I want so badly for them to crawl into bed together and have Lia read Siena a book - because those moments will never be altered in their minds. They are such unique and special days... when you read a book with the ones you love.

I found a really cool print, and of course "pinned" it to my Pinterest account:

I'm shocked at how beautiful life is, at how alive I become at the sight of my beautiful daughters' smiles and hugs and kisses. I am blessed.

It is always shocking to meet life where we thought we were alone.  “Look out!” we cry, “it’s alive.”

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