Thursday, October 18, 2012

party time!

I've been going a little crazy thinking about Lia's third birthday party. Three!! Crazy, crazy. Beyond crazy.

My little baby girl is about to be THREE.

So, for the first time EVER, I'm actually motivated to have a cute and awesome birthday party. Before, I was more go-with-the-flow, and didn't really care to party plan. But I'm motivated! And I have money - for like the first time ever! (The job, remember?)

So, since her birthday is in December, and most parts of the country are having colder weather, I figured I'd bring some cold-air-feelings into our home!

My pinboard on Pinterest for her birthday is bonkers cute, so I'm hoping that her party will be even an ounce of that cuteness.

So I'm thinking snowflakes and balloons. Do those even go together?! Who knows, but I'm going to try to make it work!

This picture is what I'm really wanting to do with some red (and teal?) balloons with the snowflakes falling from the ceiling:

I'm also incredibly inspired by these adorable mason jars with cute signage! I'm trying to think of something else besides "cheers" to possibly put there.

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

So, I've needed some creative juice to come into my system (those are extremely hard to find in case you don't know me that well). I tried to make some prints to put on the display table or as centerpieces... I need to find some more cute quotes for parties/snowflakes/or balloons.

I need to keep searching! Although sometimes I get so caught up in inspiration, I forget to turn my thoughts into action... Jeez the thoughts never end ;)

"partypartypartypartypartypartyparty" ~my brain

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