Friday, March 23, 2012

nine months

You, my love, are so beautiful.
You still only say "da-da," much to the delight of your pop's ears.
You love when Lia walks (or shall I say STOMPS) into your room to wake you up in the morning. Your smile is the brightest.
You laugh when she laughs, and cry when she cries.
You give me high fives and move your little hand when you try to wave.
You love to stare at your dad when he comes home from work, and never stop staring.
You have HUGE crocodile tears which totally come out when I try to force you to crawl.
You aren't very patient... which is just like your mama.
You have the best posture I've ever seen.
You get so excited when I walk into the room, and if I don't scoop you up, you get very angry.
You melt in my arms.

You light up my life.


  1. So sweet! She's starting to look more like Cecilia in this pic! Can't believe she's already 9 months!! (does this mean you're pregnant?!) ;-P


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