Sunday, February 20, 2011

rainy days


When I told you that Cecilia loved reading, I wasn't lying to you. She also has found herself her own little nook in our house - the space right in between the tile and the screen door of the front door. She literally sat there for a good half an hour, right after grabbing a book from her bedroom, and resting in her spot to glory in the rain drizzling outside and her delicious book. She soaked in the day, perking up at every bird chirp, opening and closing her book since the pages are just too difficult for her to turn, and telling me about her adventures with her own sweet noises.

I hope she grows to appreciate these sweet moment even as the busyness of our lives tend to draw her into mayhem. I hope we, as parents, give her this sense of peace to know that she has these opportunities to just be.

"God chose the center of the human soul as his dwelling place because that is exactly the most beautiful place in all creation."

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