Monday, February 7, 2011

it has arrived!! bump, that is :)

I realize I should probably put a picture with an exclamation like that, but it's dark out, and I'm not feeling so hot, yada yada... So, my apologies.

But really, I'm about 19 weeks now, and the bump is like - HUGE - and it literally came out of nowhere. I was really going to try to get through this whole pregnancy not looking pregnant at all, but that dream has finally ended with a huge bump that I'm growing (ahem) to love.

All of a sudden, with this expanding bump came the realization - HOLY CRAP I'M PREGNANT. I've literally been living every day with Cecilia and Mike like there is nothing else going on around us - when in reality, there is something very real, very life-changing, and very important happening inside of me.

With this awareness, I decided (well, we decided) that it's time to buckle down. I have approximately 20 weeks left of pregnancy to get fit, full and fabulous! Well, the fit part is really the main goal here. Mike and I decided that I should probably simmer down on my insanely high craving for sugar, sugar, sugar! and get better about the things that I am putting into my mouth for nutrition for myself and for the baby. This is tending to be a problem, as my brain literally canNOT stop thinking about above said-word that I shouldn't say... sugar.

I wake up, hm.... muffins! cereal! I get home from school... cereal! ice cream! cake! donuts! soda! anything unhealthy - get in mah belly!

Like, literally. This happened to become a trend and a growing problem. So we decided that we'll eat healthier together and that I would start walking 30 minutes a day to get my body ready for labor.

When we had Cecilia, we decided that it would be really awesome to try to have a natural delivery. I was so excited - and read up a lot on the hows and the tos to having a natural, safe and exciting childbirth experience. Alas, when the time came, we hadn't done our homework well enough, tripped up with a few things here and there, and I got an epidural with Cecilia coming to greet us a few hours later. To be honest, I still tend to struggle with this decision and action that happened as I was hopeful and excited to receive all of the benefits of a natural delivery. However, since I can't go back - and Cecilia was the most beautiful thing we've ever laid eyes on (and healthy and happy), all I can do is look forward.

This time I said to myself, Self, maybe it was the Bradley Method that had it all wrong - maybe I should research different natural childbirth resources and tap into those. I then stumbled upon HypnoBabies which is "a childbirth course that teaches painless childbirth techniques so mothers can enter hypnosis, deepen it themselves and remain mobile during labor, completely comfortable at times." Side note - you have to fully and intentionally believe in hypnosis and its abilities in order for this to work. Forget this. Back to Bradley.

I really did love the Bradley method of childbirth, and so I am excited to dive back into the infamous book, "Natural Childbirth: Bradley Way" which is an incredible book teaching all of the approaches to childbirth from Dr. Bradley. I am excited to jump into this adventure head first - well, belly first at times - and am optimistic that Mike and I will be even more well-read and comfortable with labor and childbirth, that things will go exactly as planned. Oh wait, never MY plans... HIS. I guess at that point - at the hospital, a few hours into labor, Mike tired from me hanging on him to get through contractions - it is all REALLY up to Him as to when He would like us to meet our little man/girl.

So, I'm pregnant. Weird to write that. And I'm ready to dive in and do whatever I can to have a healthy, happy and exciting childbirth and baby.

Now, what to do about this sweet tooth - that's the BIG question.

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