Sunday, February 13, 2011

marvelous world of biceps, triceps and wonder

Okay, so y'all know that I'm trying this new working out deal with being pregnant and all... It's kind of difficult for me to feel motivated to work out when I'm with Cecilia. When I go walking outside, I like to walk really quickly and listen to really loud music to keep myself motivated - so I've been going right after school every day (with Mike's motivation - thank you to my wonderful husband) when I can. However, when I'm alone with Cecilia, I don't really want to go walk and blast music in case she tries to talk to me and I'm ignoring her - you know, Mother's Guilt and all ;)

So, when I'm home alone, I need to find some new resources. It's difficult to find free pregnancy exercises online because people probably make BANK on pregnancy exercise DVDs and all that jazz. Enter in Doctor Cathy! I stumbled upon her on YouTube, and she is uh-mazing! Just watch like two seconds of her video below - you'll see how incredible looking and in shape she is. I love that she's hugely pregnant, but she is RIPPED in her arms and has awesome legs. Oookay, I admit, I have a woman-crush on her amazing body - she has been such a great motivation to me already! Please watch for yourself...

I mean, right?! She also has some great prenatal and postnatal exercises as well as a lot of nutritional videos on her YouTube Channel. Anyway, gotta keep motivated on my new Pregnancy-I'm-Gonna-Look-Hot-Plan! 

I'm hoping Mike can use some of his photography skills (we'll see if any exist) to snap some pics for me of my pregnancy belly. Last time, my friend Lexy Popa offered to do some maternity pics for me, and they were so awesome. I am eternally grateful for my amazingly talented friends who share their craft with my family and me. Remember the incredible Christina Lafferty?? She snapped gorgeous family photos for us. And, of course, I can never forget the generosity, kindness and overwhelming talent of my wedding photographer, Kristen Grinnell who captured our day better than I could have imagined. All of these women, and so many more creative, gifted people in my life open my eyes to more of the beauty of this world. They remind me of what it is to find more of the wonder of this world... that gazing upon the beauty of the simplest of moments, I can be found.

Okay, I'm done talking up the incredible people who I am surrounded by - but I am truly overcome with gratefulness for the people that the Lord has put into my life. I truly am so blessed.

"And for a moment we realize that we were born into a world as astonishing as any fairy tale. A world made for romance."

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  1. OMG....really?! This lady is crazy :) and her hair is incredibly....LOOOONG!


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