Thursday, April 14, 2011


Our girl's newest hobby - playing "Da-da's" drums. It is seriously so stinking cute watching her bang on the drums, although she only really uses her right hand because her left hand - well, that's still a little weak ;)

And I'm sorry her clothes are almost falling on - the shirt was too cute to pass up (thanks, Nina!), so I had to put her in it - no matter if it's too big!!

Life is sweet with little Lia. I'm really treasuring these last few days with her where it's just her and me. Soon Siena will be here, and life will be different. I'm scared/anxious/nervous for that time because I don't want things to change. But alas, the Lord wills our lives to change, so we shall change. I'm trying to stay open to His will and desires for our life as a family. Lia will always be my favorite first girl in the whole world, and I want her to know that with all my heart.

"Children don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”~ Jim Henson

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  1. Aww... she is so cute! and love the eh hem... expensive....shirt! ;) ha

    ps. i love how you said she will always be your "favorite first girl." Thats what my momma says about me! I guess I don't really understand what it is to love my own child ..yet ;).. but my mom has always said that each love for a child is so unique and so special, but never for one more than the other. Its amazing to see how each of our relationships with her and my dad is so special... I am sure Lia will know the same from you and Mike. She is a lucky girl. If she ever forgets it... I will remind her!


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