Monday, April 11, 2011

cloth diapering 201

So lately Mike and I have finally taken the leap - into cloth diapering! I know, I know, "Weren't you doing that before??" Yes, we were - but we have officially started doing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I figured I would update anyone who cares to read about what we're using and what our favorites are tending to be at the moment.

Our Current Stash

Two Part Systems

2 Flip Diaper Covers (one size) with 6 Flip Organic Inserts
(These two items came in a Flip Day Pack which made the guessing game of What am I going to start with?? much easier - it all came in one package for me!)

1 Best Bottom Cover (one size) with 1 Stay Dry Insert

3 Softbums Echo Cover (one size) with 1 Dry Touch Pod (Insert) as well as 2 Organic Bamboo Pods (Insert)

1 GroBaby Cover (now called GroVia, and it's one size) with 1 Organic Cotton Insert

1 JamTots Berry Plush Lg Cover (fits 20-35lbs)

Random Inserts:
Thirsties Duo Stay Dry Inserts (size 2: 18-40lbs)
Thirsties Fab Doublers
Bambinex Fitted (sz 1 and 2 which fit babies 7-40 lbs)
BabyKicks Hemparoo (medium)

Why This Works

That's all for our two part systems. This means that when the Insert part is peed or pooed on, we just replace the insert and can reuse the cover. This is definitely a great option for Mike and me because of the ability to reuse the cover - that just means that we spend less money on throwing a dirty diaper in the wash every single time, we get to reuse the waterproof outer! We still throw the insert into the wash, but the outer shell that is waterproof is able to be reused. This is just a great economical option as well as convenient in terms of just replacing the Insert of the diaper.

All In One Systems

3 FuzziBunz Medium Perfect Size (fits 15-30lbs)

4 BumGenius 3.0's (one size)

Why This Works

That's all for our "pocket" systems. These "pockets" have a flapped opening in the back of the diapers that allows for an Insert to be stuffed inside. Whether it be microfiber, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo - we can stuff ANY insert inside these pockets. This allows us to adjust absorbency when we need/want. When Lia's in the diaper during the day, we just stuff in the one microfiber insert that the pockets come with. And then when we put her down for a nap or for at night, we can add more absorbency - I am still testing out my perfect combination - but I love the microfiber insert with a hemp insert underneath. Hemp does wonders in terms of absorbency. It is not a quick absorbing material (the microfiber is), but it can hold TONS and is so extremely trim! It's really quite amazing.

Our Total Amount of Diapers

These diapers - which, if you add them all up, are around 22 total diapers and 8 covers - last us about 2-3 days of diapers before they start getting stinky in her room or before we start running out. It has really been an incredible transition. I feel like we are making great strides in plugging along with our little family project - and supporting each other along the way for this to become successful at our home.

I'm happy that Lia doesn't have those chemicals from disposables on her bum, I'm overjoyed that we haven't bought disposables in over 2 months, and I'm so happy that our family has taken this leap together. It gives me honor to say that we have done this and that we will continue to overcome any obstacles that come our way in order to prevent added chemicals and costs into our life.

Further Explanation of "One Size" vs. "Sized"

I just wanted to explain what I mean by "one size" or "medium" next to the items listed above.

A "one size" diaper essentially means that that particular diaper is able to be sized in a certain way to fit from newborn all the way to 35 lbs. This means that you can use ONE diaper from the time your child is born, all the way until that child is potty trained. It is kind of amazing to think that something can be that adjustable to fit those size ranges.

The BumGenius, Flip and Best Bottom are all able to be sized with snap down rises.
The Softbums uses what they call "Slide2Size" - leg elastic adjustments - to adjust the rise.

All four of those diapers will fit from newborn-35lbs!

Now for the FuzziBunz Medium Pocket Diaper - this diaper requires no adjustments at all in terms of snaps or elastics - it is already SIZED for a child 15-30lbs. This is an incredible new thing for me to see because we started with Flips, which require adjustment to fit Lia. The FB's require NO adjusting for me to do!! Yay! Another checkmark in the "cloth diapering is not as awful as you think it is" category!

Okay, I hope that I haven't hurt your brain TOO much with all this CDing talk - so I'll leave you be for now. Please feel free to comment/question/concern any time, and I will try to be prompt in answering you!


  1. Jenna, So helpful. Thank you for posting on this and I might try a softbum soon! I like the grovia two part style and I think I might have to try a few new brands... and hemp inserts!

  2. I am feeling the hemp love, too! Glad we have each other to troubleshoot with, because it can be challenging when you run into issues, but the exciting part is figuring out what works...don't give up!


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