Thursday, April 14, 2011

crayons and such

I finally got crayons for Lia because she's just been complaining and complaining about having nothing to color with! Ha - I felt like I was depriving her of some part of childhood without crayons or paints or colored pencils or something. So, crayons it was. 

Recently we just repainted her new big girl room and I set up a little table and couple of chairs and put her crayons and coloring book on the table. It will turn into her reading nook/art station/place to contemplate all of life's mysteries - you know, the typical 16 month old thing. As Tiffany and I were setting it up, Michael says, "What happens if she draws on the wall?" Where Tiffany responded, "We colored ONCE on the walls.... long pause... and we learned our lesson."

So, since I set up this area for Lia, she proceeded into her [new] room and sat down to color. I came in about five minutes later, and what did I find?!? Coloring on the walls!!!

Ah! What do you do when it's a 16 month old and you can't wash their mouth out with soap or or spank them or make them write 85 times "I WILL NOT DRAW ON THE WALLS."???

I learned MY lesson - I need to sit with her for a good while for her to understand that we DO NOT color on walls, but on paper. Dear child, the lessons you are teaching me :)

"I like taking time and I like your mind. And I like when your hand is in mine." ~Kate Nash

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  1. uh oh.... I am surprised I didn't get a text from Mike saying "told you so" or a pic of the beautiful new artwork! ha. I guess she really did want to be a "helper" and was sad we painted during her nap time...

    CRAYONS = SUPERVISION.... for a least a little while longer it seems!

    ...good thing we got that extra paint! lol.

    Nina Loves you Lia!


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