Sunday, April 24, 2011

big girl room

So with Siena coming in a short 8 weeks or so, we figured (with the nudges of Nina Tiffany) that we should get rockin and rollin on painting Lia's new [big girl!] room. We painted the room a nice soft, bright yellow that is so perfect when the window is open and all the lights set in.

My whole idea for the room is an antique-y/vintage-y feel. 

So my camera is not able to get wide-angles, meaning Befores & Afters don't really work, and you can't really see the difference in the paint color and all that jazz. My apologies! So, all you get are close-ups of the volunteers hard at work painting up a storm! Thank you to Michael, Uncle Mijo (Ross), and Nina Tiffy :)

Tiffany happened to turn into Hard Ass Tiffany - she's a paint nazi! But, thanks to her, we got the job done. This is a pic of Ross and her telling Mike what to do as we all just sit back and watch his job [semi] well-done.

Mike getting grief from all of us, but working hard!

This is a pic of the dresser that Tiff and I painted white and then used some special paint to antique the dresser for that feel that we wanted. Tiff also found some great handles at Hobby Lobby (I think?) that were super cheap and fit PERFECTLY into our decor! I really love the dresser and the handles... 

We also found some great frames at Goodwill. I wanted to do a lot of gold frames to put some antique pics in. The big frame in the middle had a really nasty print in it (that a woman at Goodwill just "loooooved," and was SO jealous that we got it). Anyhow, we painted chalkboard paint over the print that we will use to put some fun quotes/Good Morning Sunshine/Jesus Loves You/kind of stuff.

Although you can't see the Before & After - I hope you feel the idea of what Lia's Big Girl Room looks like!! We also got a twin bed from one of Tiffany's coworkers at a really great price, and she's been in the bed for FOUR days now! It's so weird to see our tiny baby girl in a big twin bed, but she's adapting well, and it makes my heart happy that she's still our happiest girl and adjusting well to this huge transition.

Now, we have Siena's nursery to work on, but luckily, we have NO furniture to buy since all of Lia's nursery stuff is going right to Siena. It's really perfect :)

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished room! I love the look of vintage/antique.


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