Wednesday, September 26, 2012

photo by lia

I love that on the days when I'm not reaching for my camera, and I'm seemingly filling my schedule with busy-ness, Lia forces me to sit and be still with my eyes totally focused on her because she's holding my huge camera and trying to snap photos. It's the cutest thing ever. And it's in those moments that I'm paying the most attention to her, completely and utterly zoned in to her every move.

I edited a few of the photos she snapped, and I kind of love how they turned out. I hope she turns into one hell of a photographer one day - if for nothing else, to capture the love of the world around her.

"we do not remember days. we remember moments."


  1. So sweet! She is better than me at taking pictures!

  2. Love! Liv does the same thing with my camera - even if it's not turned out. She walks around with it up to her face and says 'cheese!'.


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