Friday, August 24, 2012


I love every single moment I get to be with these girls. I was staring at Lia as she was falling asleep today, and it struck me so intensely - I get to be hers as much as she gets to be mine, for this small amount of time, we get to love on each other. We have the opportunity to be love to each other in this world, in our moments of frailty, in our moments of loneliness or sadness or fear. I was given that opportunity, and I am beyond words grateful for that.

I hope their first memories of Michael, of me, of our family as a whole, are beautiful memories of love, kisses, hugs, laughter, singing and dancing. Jeez I hope I'm doing a good job. The fear - but how driven I am by that fear, that all I ever want is them to feel loved.

some sloppy kisses, the best.

"yes i'll walk in time with you, old friend."

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