Monday, October 17, 2011

NB cloth diaper reviews: Fuzzibunz XS Pocket DIaper

So Siena is around 4 months old (way past the "newborn" age), so I wanted to kind of do an overview of our experience cloth diapering her as a newborn.

Before I had her I always said "If I lived in a dream world with lots of money, I would buy all SIZED diapers to diaper my kids."

Sized diapers are diapers that are sized for a specific weight range. I love sized diapers as you get the best fit out of the diaper without having to worry about "sizing" it for multiple children (as I have two in diapers - Lia is 22 months and Siena 14 weeks).

Here is an example of a newborn "sized" diaper. This is an XS Fuzzibunz (4-12lbs) pocket diaper at 10 days old:

  • Great fit for newborn
  • Snaps (so no messing with velcro in the wash/dryer)
  • Easy application
  • No leaks
  • Soft microfleece next to baby's skin
  • Unstuffing pocket diaper before washing
  • Snaps on a newborn don't get the best fit, as you may be in between snaps
  • Small pocket opening makes it more difficult to re-stuff after drying
**If I had a chance to buy different newborn sized diapers, I would probably purchase velcro and an all-in-one option as opposed to a pocket. Velcro's pro: giving you the best fit on a little babe. All-in-one pro: you don't have to worry about unstuff/stuffing a very small pocket opening.

This is what I would buy:

I will continue to be doing reviews of our past diapers, so check back!

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