Thursday, October 20, 2011


There are just some days when I make the silly mistake of allowing a type of behavior that I simply should NOT have allowed. Recently I had one of those days.

Acaiah and Ez were over to play... which is such sweet relief for Maraeca and me, as the girls will typically play with each other and then Maraeca and I have the chance to talk to another adult instead of just our two year olds.

While the girls were playing outside, Maraeca and I were inside with the two babes. We went out to check on the girls, and this is what we discovered:

And yes, instead of telling Lia "No, we don't throw tons of dirt onto our head," I grabbed my camera and took pictures. Why did I think this was acceptable behavior?! Who knows... but I definitely learned my lesson when I had to give that dirty, dusty girl a bath, then clean the bathtub, then give her another bath.



"But it's nice to say that we played in the dirt, oh dear, cause here we are. We're still here... what a beautiful mess this is." ~jason mraz


  1. love it. kids love dirt. and yay! the music is back!!

  2. oh my chicken.. what a beautiful mess :)


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