Thursday, June 9, 2011

stay, stay, stay, stay for a while


Lia has had a really bad ear infection this past weekend - her very first one. It was so awful for us (and for her, too, I suppose ;) ), because it was the very first time that she was ever SICK sick. It's so hard to see your baby (toddler) struggling and not be able to articulate what's hurting. Luckily, we got to get in to the doctor right away to get diagnosed that it was, in fact, an ear infection.

The above picture is how Lia was actually feeling, and the picture below is her attempt at giving me a smile when she feels how she looks above :)

Valiant effort, right?? She's so sweet to be so kind and give me a good try.
Couple more weeks until baby Siena comes - then I will miss these precious moments. Hopefully these posts will help me never forget.

"For a moment this good time would never end... you and me.. just wasting time." ~DMB

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