Monday, June 6, 2011

memorial day


We had a little Memorial Day BBQ with some of our besties - and of course, Acaiah was there in all smiles and laughs and love. She is so bright and loving, and Lia really gets excited when she sees her. This is the girls attempting to share - and by sharing, they just sit on each other and figure it out. It was so hilarious!

Lia giving Nina and the puppy dog, Ollie, some love.

We had a really beautiful day, and I'm so grateful for our wonderful friends. I love when we constantly are blessed with community, which is where our joy comes from. Michael and I definitely thrive when are surrounded by family and friends - learning and teaching and just being with those that the Lord has set into our lives. I am so excited for Lia to learn to love community and communal life in the same way. I hope that her heart extends from our little community of friends and family, all the way to those that she doesn't personally know, but are our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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