Friday, November 2, 2012

friday reading time: november 2nd

The Bay
what I love about this: "It's hard. Choosing to listen and hold your tongue; asking questions when you’re dying to share your brilliant advice. Sharing frustrations instead of letting them fester. Rubbing his back when you’d rather have yours rubbed first."

How a singer balances travel and family ---> simple mom
what I love about this: "'How do you do it?' Behind the question are legitimate concerns about a father not being there for his kids’ soccer games, a wife worn out from raising four children alone, a marriage losing heat from too many days and nights spent miles apart."

When You Need A Steady Stream of Confidence Today ---> (in)courage
what I love about this: "Today, we are already complete. We are worthy enough and talented enough and just plain enough."

When the storms come, keep writing ---> the gypsy mama
what I love about this: "They eat their tacos and I turn to the story of a flood that could shame even this one... The days of darkness and fear and frustration. Why hadn’t I paid that part attention before."

It's Easy to Love People ---> The Handwritten
what I love about this: "I'm tired of easy."

photo courtesy of Krystle.M

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  1. Jenna, I miss your blog! I hope you guys are doing so well and I would LOVE to see the fam on one of these next trips to Tempe.


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