Thursday, August 25, 2011

macbook terror

This is such a delayed post! I am so sorry for having taken so long to write another post. My computer was a part of a natural disaster - the great Lia Hurricane.

I walked out of the room where I was uploading pictures from my camera to my computer and drinking a tall glass of refreshing water, and upon my return, I found the entire glass of water had been poured over my beautiful aluminum MacBook. The horror!

After looking at Lia and realizing that she had no idea of what she just did and that it was even BAD, I knew that it was completely my fault as it was something that could have been avoided by my good judgment of not putting a huge glass of water right next to my computer and my thirsty toddler. Hello!? Don't they teach you that in Parenting 101??

But alas, I got my computer back from the Heavenly Apple store who so graciously fixed the computer FOR FREE! Who-da thought?? I am happy to be back in the arms of my beautiful aluminum MacBook, and with that...

Since my posts are so behind, it will be a lot of catching up for me since it is pretty obvious (to me) that Siena was tiny in the picture below. I think she was... hm... five weeks old, but in real life she is nine weeks old. I know, to most people four weeks doesn't mean much. But in the life of a newborn! That's a lot of time!

Here is the Siena and Lia 1 Month Photo:


Lia doesn't like to cooperate (what toddler likes sitting still??), so I have to make her "kiss baby!" every time I try to take this photo. It's pretty hilarious.

"kisses are a better fate
than wisdom."
~e.e. cummings

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  1. yayayay! I want a copy of this photo :) Pretty girls


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