Monday, July 11, 2011

Siena's first cloth diaper

Mike and I had Siena on a Tuesday, then he left for a week for a couple gigs with the band. While he was gone, my mom most generously stayed here with Lia and me and helped us out.

It took a couple days of adjusting, but soon we got into a routine, and life went smoothly. My mom was a cleaning machine - taking it upon herself to clean some nooks and crannies. We had a lot of fun together for that week... and again, her generosity to come and take care of us and help out our family is overwhelming. And to my dad - who most graciously gave up his wife for a WHOLE WEEK... he deserves a huge bear hug a hundred times over.

Our great friend, Christina Lafferty, made her way over to snap some photos of our little temporary family in action. Go check out that link to see her Facebook page with newborn shots of Siena as well :)

It was so much fun to have my mom here - especially how much Lia came to love on her and want to be with her all the time. It was definitely such a treat to see.

Right when my mom left, I had to do what I had been waiting and waiting and waiting to do... cloth diaper!!

I couldn't wait to put Siena's first cloth diaper on... and the very first one was an XS Fuzzibunz Pocket Diaper! All courtesy of Alyssa, one of my co-workers from Zoolikins

It was sooo stinking cute! Look for yourself ;)

This is definitely the first diaper I felt the most comfortable with... I have prefolds, contours, covers, and OS diapers. This is a sized pocket diaper (meaning it fits during a certain size range of baby) and fits babies from 4-12 lbs. This diaper literally just goes on and off just like a disposable - but with snaps! It's seriously the cutest thing ever, and fits her so snugly. We haven't had any leaks with this diaper, and it's pretty awesome.


I had to snap a family portrait, sans me, because cloth diapers + Mike + Cecilia + Siena = all my heart's desires :)

"Twist your head around, it's all around you... all is full of love, all around you." ~death cab

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  1. Oh love, love, love! I can't wait to meet her :)


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