Friday, December 3, 2010

advent and the haps

Well, Advent began a couple of weeks ago and it is such a beautiful season. I have always been a self-proclaimed non-lover of Christmas, and I realized this year that the reason I dislike Christmas so much is because I've never celebrated Advent.

Onward with my determination to find Advent devotions and reflections - anything to fill my mind and center my life around the "reason for the season," as the saying goes. It has been such a wonderful journey since then - I've found some beautiful reflections, and I've even got my one and only seasonal decoration up - an Advent wreath! Ha - I definitely need to grow into Susie-homemaker and make my home a holiday extravaganza, right??

Every evening Cecilia, Mike and I light our Advent wreath and pray our daily devotion for the season. It is a beautiful time for our family, and already a tradition that I know will grow into much more and something we will all appreciate so much in the future.

So, I am in the process of waiting. Becoming ready for the coming of the Lord. It is a sacred time in my life - especially a time of patience and reverence for where He wants to be in our lives and where we allow Him to be. Opening ourselves up to what His desires are for our family and preparing for all of the joy and culmination of this season is a long journey, and a journey that we are going to take and run with even after the season is over.

With this wonderful season comes much family love, and with that comes... pictures!

This is from Thanksgiving - Leila's showing us her skills on the piano :)

The three cuties all together - Leila's being a ham, of course!

Grandma being sooo silly with her favorite granddaughters. We had fun watching Mike and Josh put up the Christmas lights while Dad cooked up some yummy Thanksgiving leftovers.

I mean, the cutest. I want to bite her cheeks!

And here's our girl doing what she LOVES to do - EAT! She's been so awesome lately... 

So Cecilia has been taking more and more steps every day which is pretty incredible to see. At first, it took us enticing her with the iPhone and she would talk a couple steps, fall over, and start laughing her head off. But the past couple of days (when I'm not "looking" of course) she'll take a few steps to certain toys or to the couch or different things like that. But she definitely likes to do these things in private - she doesn't like the whole audience to gawk at her skills.

She's turning into such a big girl right before our eyes, and it is really incredible to see. I'm trying not to think, "where'd my baby go??" but really try to embrace the fact that she's really getting bigger - and we'll have plenty more future babies so I won't miss the baby stage TOO much ;)

She's almost 1!!! In 6 days our girl will be one. Look out world, she'll be coming for you!

In the meantime, please take advantage of this precious season, enjoy your Advent, prepare for the really beautiful feast of Christmas - not with shopping - but with the watchfulness and patience that He calls us to practice.

"May I walk each step in this moment of grace, alert to hear You and awake enough to say a simple Yes." ~Robert Corin Morris

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